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Bubbling cauldrons of noodle soup, flaky flatbreads, kaleidoscopic desserts — when it comes to street food, Asia delivers big on variety and flavor.

This vast region sprawls across equatorial tropics and mountain ranges, volcanic islands and frenetic megacities, so it’s no surprise that diversity abounds.

Yet there are many similarities, too. With centuries of migration and trade, many recipes have traversed borders only to become a local specialty thousands of miles from their places of origin.

To celebrate the region’s bottomless culinary talent and passion for food, we’ve rounded up 50 must-try, much-loved street foods and beverages in Asia in alphabetical order.

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive — it’s just a small sampling of the region’s wonderful food traditions and where to find them.

While the Middle East and Central Asia are part of the Asian continent, we didn’t include these sub-regions because even by themselves there’s already such a broad depth of dishes to try,

01. Achcharu, Sri Lanka

Pickles get a Sri Lankan twist with achcharu — sweet, sour and spicy pickled fruits and vegetables that make a perfect street-food snack.

17. Hoppers, Sri Lanka

Seasoned with local spices, chili, turmeric, sugar and salt, the offerings will differ depending on the region and seasons — it might be Ceylon olives (veralu), wood apple, pineapple, ambarella, mango, jackfruit or eggplant.

Wake up and smell the appa (also called aapa or appam) in Sri Lanka!

Thought to have originated over in southern India 2,000 years ago, appa, or hoppers, are made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk batter cooked like a crêpe in a small wok.

This method creates a bowl-like shape that’s slightly thicker and spongier at the bottom while staying crispy on the edges.

Plain hoppers and egg hoppers (a plain hopper with a soft-boiled egg in the middle) typically come with chutney, coconut sambal and often a range of curry dishes.

The list:

  1. Achcharu, Sri Lanka
  2. Asam laksa, Malaysia
  3. Banh mi, Vietnam
  4. Bubble tea, Taiwan
  5. Bun kebab, Pakistan
  6. Cheong fun, Hong Kong
  7. Chili crab, Singapore
  8. Crab omelette, Thailand
  9. Curry fish balls, Hong Kong
  10. Ema datshi, Bhutan **
  11. Egg waffles, Hong Kong
  12. Falooda, Pakistan
  13. Fuchka, Bangladesh
  14. Gado gado, Indonesia
  15. Getuk, Indonesia
  16. Halo-halo, Philippines
  17. Hoppers, Sri Lanka
  18. Iced coffee, Vietnam
  19. Jalebi, India
  20. Jianbing, China
  21. Jiaozi, China
  22. Kavaabu, Maldives
  23. Kaya toast, Singapore/Malaysia
  24. Kerak telor, Indonesia
  25. Khao jee, Laos
  26. Khao soi, Thailand
  27. Khuushuur, Mongolia
  28. Kimbap, South Korea
  29. Kuih cincin, Brunei
  30. Kwek kwek, Philippines
  31. Laping, Tibet, China
  32. Lahpet thoke, Myanmar
  33. Lort cha, Cambodia
  34. Mohinga, Myanmar
  35. Momos, Nepal
  36. Nam khao, Laos
  37. Nasi lemak, Malaysia
  38. Pho, Vietnam
  39. Rojak, Malaysia/Indonesia/Singapore
  40. Roti prata, Southeast Asia
  41. Rou jia mo, China
  42. Sai krok Isan, Thailand
  43. Salt & pepper fried chicken, Taiwan
  44. Sofuto kurimu, Japan
  45. Stinky tofu, Taiwan
  46. Takoyaki, Japan
  47. Tteokbokki, South Korea
  48. Vada pav, India
  49. Xiao long bao, China
  50. Yakitori, Japan

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